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COVID-19 Update

Like many Unitarian congregations, Lake Fellowship UU has suspended face-to-face programming until further notice and the building itself is closed. There will not be programs, activities or rental of our building for the foreseeable future. We will announce updates and changes to this plan as they become available. Lake Fellowship UU will continue meeting virtually.

Stay safe and keep in touch with one another.

Online Gathering: Guest Speaker: Steve Fredlund

Sunday, May 10, 2020 - 10:30am to 12:00pm
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Lake Fellowship is happy to welcome back speaker Steve Fredlund, whose program will focus on our May theme of Thresholds. We all have different thresholds or tolerance for things in life: pain, fear, comfort, noise, clutter, finances, etc.  These different thresholds can create disagreement and tension in relationships, and at higher levels contribute to disunity and divisiveness.  This discussion will explore the role of thresholds in our individual lives and how we can respond to those different from us.

Steve Fredlund is a speaker, coach, and podcaster committed to helping people (and himself) live their best lives. Grounded in his experiences in East Africa, Steve encourages people to live life like a safari, including getting the right "peeps in their Jeep." In addition to his own podcasts, Steve has been interviewed on a dozen podcasts and recently has his first TEDx talk released. Steve and his stool Gary have twice shared before with Lake Fellowship.

Steve's TEDx talk:

This program will be held online. Check your email for more information about how and when to join this program, or email for more information.

The Opening and Closing Words are attached below.

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