Monthly Themes

Our monthly themes come from the Soul Matters Sharing Circle Curriculum, and are shared across both age groups for continuity within families and throughout the entire membership. It is our hope that the themes help us select and create more specific and appropriate programs, and also provide us with a lens through which we focus our view of the topics we explore throughout the year.

2023-2024: The Gift of...

September: Welcome

October: Heritage

November: Generosity

December: Mystery

January: Liberating Love

February: Justice & Equity

March: Transformation

April: Interdependence

May: Pluralism



September: Belonging

October: Courage

November: Change

December: Wonder

January: Finding Our Center

February: Love

March: Vulnerability

April: Resistance

May: Creativity



September: Embracing Possibility

October: Cultivating Relationships

November: Holding History

December: Opening to Joy

January: Living with Intention

February: Widening the Circle

March: Renewing Faith

April: Awakening

May: Nurturing Beauty


2020 - 2021

September: Renewal

October: Deep Listening

November: Healing

December: Stillness

January: Inspiration

February: Beloved Community

March: Commitment

April: Becoming

May: Story



September: Expectation

October: Belonging

November: Attention

December: Awe

January: Integrity

February: Resilience

March: Wisdom

April: Liberation

May: Thresholds


Past Themes


September: Vision

October: Sanctuary

November: Memory

December: Mystery

January: Possibility

February: Trust

March: Journey

April: Wholeness

May: Curiosity



September: Welcome

October: Transformation

November: Courage

December: Abundance

January: Hope

February: Intention

March: Perseverance

April: Balance

May: Emergence

* The themes of Creativity and Blessing may also be used, and will be the decision of the monthly facilitator


September: Home

October: Five Essential Questions

November: Harmony

December: Family

January: Social Justice

February: Commitment

March: Adaptability

April: Inspiration

May: Quest



September: Hope -- Beginning Anew, Growing Roots

October: Heritage -- Community, Family, Tradition, Legacies

November: Abundance -- Sharing, Appreciating, Praising

December: Spaciousness -- Silence, Light, Anticipating, Preparing

January: The Three Rs: Renewal, Revision & Respite -- Pausing, Letting Go, Resting, Waiting, Respecting Limits, Meditation, Kindness

February: Purpose -- Vocation, Calling, Integrity, Saying "Yes"

March: Faith -- Doubt, Trust, Compassion, Questions, Awakening, Connecting, Trusting the Possible

April: Stewardship -- Life, Responsibility, Our Earth, Growing

May: Wonder -- Grace, Joy, Being Present, Cultivating Happiness, Vitality