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COVID-19 Update

Like many Unitarian congregations, Lake Fellowship UU has suspended face-to-face programming until further notice and the building itself is closed. There will not be programs, activities or rental of our building for the foreseeable future. We will announce updates and changes to this plan as they become available. Lake Fellowship UU will continue meeting virtually.

Stay safe and keep in touch with one another.

Online Gathering: Guest Speaker: Katee Wendt

Sunday, April 19, 2020 - 10:30am to 12:00pm
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Death Valley is the driest region in North America.  Curiously, however, evidence for ancient lakes and marshes can be found everywhere – salt flats, sandy shorelines, and fossilized spring deposits. When did these lakes exist? How did regional climate conditions change in order to make them possible? And most importantly, can these past changes tell us something about how the climate system works – and how it might change in the future?

Katee Wendt will present a TED-talk style summary of her research on past climate variability in Death Valley. Katee Wendt received her PhD in the field of paleoclimatology from the University of Innsbruck in 2018. Her research was recently highlighted in the IMAX movie Ancient Caves, which is currently showing at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Katee grew up with the Lake Fellowship UU and is the daughter of long-time members Tim and Karen Wendt.

This will be a virtual program, held online. Check your email for more information about how and when to join this program, or email for more information.

Opening and Closing Words are attached.

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