Musical Performance: Tony Ortiz

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Today, we're in for a treat as we welcome back Mr. Tony Ortiz for another brilliant musical performance.

Who the Heck is Tony Ortiz???

In the early eighties, a band from SoCal hit the scene with a fresh new sound. Somewhat “New Wave”, somewhat ”Rock”, The Monroes were quickly gaining attention by all who listened. Their first release was a single with a melody so catchy, you couldn’t help but hum along with it. It was happy, fun, it rocked, and was catchy as hell. The front man for the group was a known session and “live” singer in the local SoCal area, and had enjoyed success with many acts prior to the Monroes. But this time, it was different. The band was gaining momentum with a fresh new sound, and had the backing of a label that most people thought would “own” the 80′s with their progressive roster. As the Monroes single, “What Do All the People Know” climbed the chart, no one could have ever expected what would happen next…At the peak of the Monroes success, their label slammed it’s doors shut, making it impossible for the band to continue forward, not knowing where to call home.Like most stories about music artists, there’s a lot more to this story than one person, one band, one hit song, one hurdle, and more than one success.This is the story of Tony Ortiz, the voice, the talented front man with the amazing voice who propelled the Monroes into Billboard’s Top 40 in 1982. This, is who the Heck Tony Ortiz is.
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