Memory Program 2

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November's program theme is Memory. from a spiritual perspective, memory is not just about holding pictures of the past in our head; it's also about holding on to our core values. There's a reason we say, "I need to remember who I am." Indeed, this has long been the way UUs think about church. Church, for us, is the place where we come to remember who we area.

To honor and engage this, you are invited to spend some time this month "reminding yourself (of) who you are" by making a simple personal list of "Things to Remember." Think of it as self-talk, whereby your forgetful self remembers what is important in your life and helps you return to your center. We will spend the month finding our own wisdom or advice this is important to us, but that we often forget.

Here are some questions to ponder over when we talk about what are your core values and why:

How do you remember family, and in what way is family important to you?

How would you describe yourself to others; what attributes are important to you?

As you go through your day, do you feel as though your core beliefs guide your actions?

Is Lake Fellowship UU important to you, and how does it tie into your core values?

So, let's have some fun over the next two weeks, re-remembering our moral compasses.



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