A Journey to Sufism, with Guest Speaker: Halima Shahida

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Lake Fellowship welcomes Halima Shahida to share the story of her spiritual journey, which led to her becoming a Sufi. Sufism was brought to the West by Hazrat Inayat Kahn in the early 1900's and this branch of Sufism is called the Innayatiyya. There is a Universal worship service much like that of UU, which encompasses different teachings. The present leader Pir Zia Kahn is a religious scholar and often references stories and beliefs from other religious and spiritual beliefs. Halima Shahida is very eclectic in her spiritual beliefs and, as does Sufism, takes much consideration about the workings of nature.

She is presently working on her doctorate in Education, for which she will start her doctorate thesis in the fall around the topic of helping students find their 'voice' in written communication. She has a Masters in Creative Writing from Augsburg University. She grew up in New York City, but moved to Massachusetts before leaving for Japan, where she spent ten years teaching direct method English to people ranging from 5 to 82 years old. She is of Eastern European heritage, so what is happening in the world at present is close to her heart. Currently, she does life coaching, as well, and is interested in synchronicity and the workings of Carl Jung.

Halima has provided the following links for anyone interested in learning more:

+ Many of the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan who founded the Inayatiyya Branch of Sufism: http://www.hazrat-inayat-khan.org/php/views.php

+ The Inayatiyya branch of Sufism: https://inayatiyya.org/about/what-is-sufism/

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