At Home in the Universe, with Guest Speaker Andy Fletcher

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photo of the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy at night
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Does the universe exist to produce mankind? Do we "observe" it into being, the very act of observation that which keeps the universe moving along? Why did Einstein wander around the yards of Princeton wondering why the moon wasn't smeared all over the sky? What is the Anthropic Principle? Freeman Dysan claims that "in some sense, the universe must have known we were coming." Join us Sunday for a presentation about the universe and our place in it.

Return LFUU presenter Andy Fletcher has been speaking on science in nearly 300 high schools since 1991 in 43 countries, along with several universities (including Cambridge U in the UK), a number of churches, and a passel of conferences, not to mention a small fleet of cruise ships.  He is the head of Life, the Universe and Everything, Inc., an educational non-profit. He graduated from the AISZ in Zurich, attended universities in Texas and Japan before graduating from USC in LA with a BA in history, a math major, and minors in English Literature, Philosophy, and Japanese. Writer, speaker, humorist, musician, and photographer, he is really only at home when he’s not at home. He’s written 8 books and a host of articles and radio commentaries, and has filmed his talks a number of times. Books and film series available on request.


Note: This will be our second HYBRID program! This means we will have some people gather in person at our beloved A-Frame building, and some who will join the program remotely via Zoom (including our guest speaker). The choice is yours. Please arrive at the A-Frame by 10:25 a.m. if you plan to attend in person, or sign in to the Zoom meeting by 10:30 if you will attend virtually.

The Program Planning Committee asks for your patience as this is all still new to us and we may encounter some obstacles in this experiment. They will welcome your feedback after the program.

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