Guest Speaker: Shelia Huggins

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Our speaker for this program is Shelia Huggins, a North Carolina attorney who grew up in a family of community and public servants. She currently resides in the fourth largest city in North Carolina, which is also one of the most ethnically diverse in the state and a community that leans more liberal than conservative. While Shelia has served in numerous capacities in the Democratic party, including her membership on the Democratic National Committee, she also maintains membership in a number of local political, professional, and community organizations. Her local involvement is as diverse as the community that she lives in. She is only one of a few residents to maintain membership in her city's three oldest political action committees (PACs): the black PAC founded in 1935, the progressive-oriented PAC, and the more moderate business-oriented PAC. Consequently, she understands the challenges and necessity of  navigating and building relationships with people of varying backgrounds and political beliefs.

In this program, Shelia will discuss the work of how we can build bridges with people who are in circles different from the circles in which we usually belong. She’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cultivating relationships with people who have feelings, experiences, and beliefs different from ours. She’ll speak about her own experiences of what she learned and how she grew as a result of conversations with people of diverse political beliefs and the challenges she faced and still faces. And finally, she’ll lead a question and answer segment that will help everyone explore how they might cultivate meaningful relationships in their lives.

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