Guest Speaker: Jason-Aeric Huenecke

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Integrity & the Restoration of Wholeness How do we live lives of integrity in a world of shifting morals? How do we stay true to ourselves, find out what we truly believe, and whether or not those beliefs are congruent with how you are expressing yourself on a day to day basis? Come and explore intgrity from this perspective with Jason-Aeric and find your way to restore your sense of wholeness.  Jason-Aeric Huenecke, CCH, RSHom (NA), is a thriving and successful homeopathic practitioner and astrologer in Stillwater, Minnesota, who works with a sense of curiosity, wonder, and gratitude for the cosmos. He is in awe of the depth of healing available to each of us through both homeopathy and astrology. Jason-Aeric entered the Unitarian Universalist tradition at the age of 16. He also started practicing within the Vajrayana path within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition at that time. His website is


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