Guest Speaker: Dr. Karen Wills, Executive Director of MUUSJA

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Lake Fellowship welcomes Karen Wills, Executive Director at Minnesota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance (MUUSJA). The title of Karen's program is Towards Justice, With Joy: Social Action Organizing as a Neuroscientist.

From Karen: MUUSJA connects 30 UU congregations, together with allied communities, to shape a more just and loving world. To this task, we bring a deep understanding and regard for all 8 of our UU Principles and all our myriad sources -- our stories and experiences, our love of history and science, a responsible search for truth and reason, the love and joy that emerge from making a difference, and the awareness that we can be more effective and have more fun in community than in isolation. Let's talk about how this connects with who you are and what you do and why you're here at Lake Fellowship and where you'd like your journey together to take you. 

About Karen: Dr. Karen Wills is a lifelong UU organizer who has served for 3 years as Executive Director of Minnesota's State Action Network, MUUSJA, the MN UU Social Justice Alliance. She is a licensed clinical pediatric neuropsychologist. Her work has included managing campaigns for city council and state House candidates, leading state-level League of Women Voters and Girl Scouts committees, clinical staff at MN Children's and Mayo Clinic, Pediatric Program Chair for the American Association of Clinical Neuropsychology, Public Education Coordinator for MN Psychological Association, research and teaching in Psychology at Loyola University Chicago, organizing with Syracuse's Spanish Action League, and teaching sign language to chimpanzees at U Nevada Reno. 

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