Faith in the Journey with Dr. Matthew Tift

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Matthew Tift on an adventure course
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Most religions and philosophical systems speak favorably about faith. Numerous Christian theological doctrines teach that salvation is achieved by "faith alone." Patanjali's classic text, the Yoga Sutras states that "the practice of yoga begins with faith." Faith plays a central role is the teachings of the Buddha.

While many of us may recoil at concepts like "blind faith," we also cannot escape the simple fact that all of us have faith in something. Whether we believe in the Word of God, Love, the scientific method, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or that there is nothing to believe, we all place trust in something.

In this program Matthew Tift will share stories and perspectives intended to help you explore and investigate the role of faith in your life. You will learn how letting go of fear and having faith in the journey can lead to a happier, more peaceful life.


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