Cultivating Relationship

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This program will kick off October's theme of Cultivating Relationship. Lake Fellowship member Marnie Karger will lead this interactive, discussion-based program. To best prepare for this program, Marnie asks us all to consider the following questions ahead of time:

+ When was the last time someone else changed your mind? Try to think of the circumstances of that event: who was the person and what was their relationship to you? In what setting or medium was this conversation (in person, via email, in one setting, over a long period of time, etc.)? What did it take IN YOU to open yourself up and actually change your mind? What did you learn from the experience?

+ If you struggle to think of such an occurrence, please investigate that. Why hasn't anyone been able to change your mind? What does that say about you (for better and for worse), and what does that say about changing our minds in general?

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