Atheistic Mystic: with Guest Speaker, Lóre Stevens

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photo of Loré Stevens

Photo by Loré Stevens

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Lóre Stevens returns to Lake Fellowship to talk about her personal "atheistic mystic cosmology," on which she wrote her Harvard Divinity School thesis.  By telling the story of how she discovered her spirituality while traveling the country in an RV and later found a community within Unitarian Universalism, Lóre will help us explore our distinct world views and interconnectedness more deeply.

Lóre Stevens (rhymed with 'story', she/her) is from Nashville, TN. She graduated from Harvard Divinity School (HDS) in May, and is completing her ministerial internship at First Universalist Minneapolis. She identifies as bisexual, mestiza (mixed-race Mexican-American), and an atheist mystic. She loves science fiction, film, bullet journaling, and her two sweet cats!

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