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Official Notice:Annual Meeting of the Members ofLake Fellowship of Unitarians and Universalists The annual meeting of members will take place beginning at 6:00 pm on Saturday May 16th, 2015 at the Lake Fellowship building, 24575 Glen Road, Shorewood, Minnesota. The meeting will begin with Pizza from Joey Nova's and beverages will be provided. Partial Agenda: Election of 3 board members (Don Penn, Sharon Dana, and Steve Ryan are finishing their last 2-year terms). Role of Chair/President, Treasurer are open. Reports from our various committees regarding their efforts and accomplishments during the past year, and any concerns or issues in the foreseeable future Treasurer’s report Review of minutes from last year’s annual meeting Resolutions from members (if any) Any Fellowship member wishing to add an item to the meeting agenda should submit it for consideration to a board member by Sunday, May 10th. (Current Active Board Members are Sharon Dana, Don Penn, Dan Larson and Dave Wahlstedt.) If you have any questions regarding the meeting format or process, please contact chair Don Penn ( Attendance: Members (adults and under-18) as well as non-members are encouraged to attend the annual meeting; only adult members have voting status.  If you would like to become a formal member of Lake Fellowship, please contact one of the current board members or chair Don Penn immediately. (If you are uncertain of your membership status, contact a board member.)  IN ORDER TO HAVE VOTING STATUS AT THE ANNUAL MEETING, A PERSON MUST BE A MEMBER FOR AT LEAST 30 DAYS

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