Cultural Destinations - A Strategy of Economic and Social Transformation focused on Joy, with Guest Speaker Dr. Bruce Corrie

Dr. Bruce Corrie is an accomplished economist with contributions in several areas - higher education, community research, economic development, policy advocacy and as a trusted community leader. He will share his experience addressing racial justice and economic inequality and offer a strategy of economic and social transformation reflected in Cultural Destinations - spaces where one can enjoy cultures and at the same time grow the local ALANA (African Latino Asian and Native American) economies.


"Stress and Political Burnout," with Guest Speaker Jennifer Labadie

Lake Fellowship warmly welcomes Jennifer Labadie, Shorewood City Mayor. Jennifer's presentation will be about stress and emotional burnout relating to the political scene of the United States and the upcoming 2024 election. She will talk about how people can alleviate stress and frustration that will surely be felt by all as the November 2024 election draws closer. 


"Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges: Profiling Black Women's Ministries in Unitarian Universalism" with Guest Speaker: Rev. Qiyamah Rahman

Lake Fellowship welcomes Rev. Dr. Qiyamah Rahman, who will be joining us via Zoom for this program. 

“If the surviving lions don’t tell the stories, the hunters will get all the credit.” - African Proverb


History, Memory, and the Burden of Awareness with Guest Speaker Leah Tift

What we remember often differs from what actually happened, but how do we know? Lake Fellowship alum and current Augsburg University student, Leah Tift, will guide a discussion through the example of housing in the United States to reexamine our assumptions of history in order to better serve the present. 

In this presentation, Leah will distill ideas about history, memory, and the burden of awareness from from scholarly books such as:


Civil Disagreement, with Guest Speaker: Sam Devine

From Sam:

We live in a time of polarization and social isolation that is both of our own making and exerted upon us by forces outside of our control. Social media has exacerbated this in ways we are struggling to reconcile.

Finding common ground requires openness. Agreeing to be honest and open isn't the same as agreeing on a single topic. Changing someone's mind doesn't happen in real time.


The Gift of Pluralism

"Pluralism isn’t easy. It’s a constant willingness to self-challenge and to look at where we might be wrong, or limited; even with regard to pluralism itself. It requires a capacity to detach ourselves from our agendas, our beliefs, our commitments, and to recognize that there may be other ways.


There's Room for All of Us: The intersection of identity and interdependence.

In this program, Lake Fellowship member Marnie Karger will lead us through an exploration of identity and interdependence -- the three-way intersection of where I stop, where you begin, and where we coexist. We’ll welcome our egos to the conversation as we discover the “we” in you and me.


The Gift of Transformation

Join Lake Fellowship member Marnie Karger for a program exploring March's theme of The Gift of Transformation. We'll share stories of transformations in our lives, big and small, unwelcome and long-awaited, one-time and on-going, and focus on how, through change, acceptance, and reflection, we continue to grow as works in progress.