Lake Fellowship

of Unitarian Universalists

Musical Performance: Harry Chalmiers & Randy Sabien

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Sunday, April 21, 2013 - 10:30am to 12:00pm
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For today's program, we will be entertained by musicians Harry Chalmiers and Randy Sabien. 

Randy Sabien:From Sabien’s classical violin youth to a professional career spanning four decades, he has been a favorite guest of “A Prairie Home Companion” and “Austin City Limits” and has toured the world playing in different styles and with many music greats, from Béla Fleck to Greg Brown.  Randy has recorded five CD's with his amazing Fiddlehead Band, and four more as leader of various musical adventures with other great artists.  As an educator, Sabien founded and chaired the Strings departments at Berklee College of Music (1978) and McNally Smith College of Music (2009), while his teaching savvy has served students of all ages as “artist in residence” in communities spanning nineteen states, Canada, and Europe. Sabien recently coauthored Jazz Philharmonic (Alfred Publishing), an innovative exploration of jazz methods for string orchestras.Harry Chalmiers:

President of McNally Smith College of Music by day, Harry is still highly active as a singer and songwriter, often performing on campus and throughout the region.    Harry’s musical mastery is a result of his formal training in music composition and classical guitar, his experience growing up as a blues/rock guitarist in the bayous of Louisiana, and his career as composer, performer, educator, and arts leader for over thirty years in the Boston area.  He taught at U Mass—Lowell for 16 years, and at Berklee College of Music where he was the Vice President for Academic Affairs for eight years.  Harry and his family were members of the Lake Fellowship in the 90's while he was working in Minneapolis as the Executive Director of MacPhail Center for Music and he still feels a deep connection to the people and the principles of the Fellowship.


Randy and Harry will mostly be performing original songs by Harry with a couple of Dylan and Lennon tunes probably in the mix as well.  Harry says, "come to this because Randy is AMAZING."


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