Lake Fellowship

of Unitarian Universalists

A Revision of the Past: with guests Katee Wendt & Gina Moseley

Sunday, January 24, 2016 - 10:30am to 12:00pm
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Dr. Gina Moseley is a paleoclimate scientist at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. During the summer of 2015, Dr. Moseley lead a team of explorers to the Arctic Circle in order to explore, survey, and photograph caves of Northeast Greenland. The samples they collected from these Arctic caves will provide a record of past climate change, which may contribute significantly to our understanding of long-term climate change in Greenland and the Arctic. Join us as she recounts their expedition to the remote and beautiful region of Northeast Greenland.

This program bookends Dr. Moseley's previous visit to Lake Fellowship a year ago.